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Panoramic view of the MacGillycuddy's Mountain Range

If you want to get out and enjoy the outdoors, climbing one of the highest mountains in Ireland is a great way to explore.

There are 221 mountains in Ireland with a height of over 500 metres.

Why not head out with the family and enjoy a day scaling one of the highest peaks in Ireland? With scenic landscapes and rugged trails, they are a great way to discover rural Ireland.

Which of these highest mountains in Ireland will you climb first?

Guide to the 9 Highest Mountains in Ireland

Corrán Tuathail (Carrauntoohil)

1,038 metres (3,407 feet)

Location: County Kerry51° 59′ 58.0416” N – 9° 44′ 33.6876” W
Walking Time: 5-8 hours
Mountain Range: MacGillycuddy’s Reeks

Corrán Tuathail

Corrán Tuathail is the highest mountain in Ireland.

At 1,038 metres high, the Carrauntoohil peak is a favourite among the mountain climbing community.

Carrauntoohil is part of MacGillycuddy’s mountain range that claims the two highest mountains in Ireland.

If you want to climb this magnificent mountain, the Devil’s Ladder is popular among regulars.

A steep ascent offers stunning views over the surrounding countryside and is best one a clear day. The walk is challenging but extremely rewarding once you arrive at the Irish mountain summit.

Mountain climbing can be extremely dangerous. Each year many people are rescued from the slopes along Corrán Tuathail. You should prepare well and follow the guidance of the local professional guides.

To get started take a look at this safety guide on hiking from Self.

Cnoc na Péiste (Knocknapeasta)

988 metres (3,241 feet)

Location: County Kerry;51° 59′ 53” N – 9° 41′ 44” W
Walking Time: 3-5 hours
Mountain Range: MacGillycuddy’s Reeks

Sitting in the same region as Corrán Tuathail, Cnoc na Péiste is the second highest peak in Ireland.

The name Cnoc na Péiste means hill of the serpent in Irish. And it’s easy to see why with the stunning ridge that connects the Reek mountain range.

The walk offers a magnificent view of Carrauntoohill. For walkers, the most popular route heads up Devil’s Ladder.

In 1943, a plane crashed into the mountain, and you can still see fragments of this on the mountainside.

Cnoc Bréanainn (Brandon)

952 metres (3,123 feet)

Location: County Kerry; 52° 14′ 06” N – 10° 15′ 16” W
Walking Time: 6-8 hours
Mountain Range: Brandon Group

Summit of Mount Brandon

Cnoc Bréanainn is Ireland’s highest mountain outside of the MacGillycuddy’s. 

The Irish mountain is in County Kerry and is one of the best things to do if staying in a cottage in Dingle.

Standing at over 950 metres, the climb should not be taken lightly. Make sure that you carry supplies and wear appropriate clothing.

The easiest way to climb the third tallest mountain in Ireland is following the medieval pilgrim path, The Saint’s Route.

This route follows the ridge from Ballybrack to the summit of Mount Brandon. There are a variety of scenic walks that can extend this walk to make a full day of it.

Log na Coille (Lugnaquilla)

925 metres (3,035 feet)

Location: County Wicklow; 52° 58′ 1.7” N – 6° 27′ 52.63” W
Walking Time: 4-6 hours
Mountain Range: Wicklow Mountains

Lugnaquilla summit

Log na Coille is a 925-metre-tall mountain in the east of Ireland.

The flat peak overlooks the Glen of Imaal and Glenmalure. The grass summit is different to many mountains, and several peaks look out over the surrounding areas.

Lugnaquilla is the tallest peak in Ireland outside of County Kerry.

The shortest route to the top of Lugnaquilla follows the Glen of Imaal route. It starts at Fenton’s Pub and passes over Camarahill to the summit of Log na Coille.

Cnoc Mór na nGaibhlte (Galtymore)

918 metres (3,012 feet)

Location: County Limerick & County Tipperary; 52° 21′ 57.5” N – 8° 10′ 44.94” W
Walking Time: 3-6 hours
Mountain Range: Galty Mountains

Galtymore mountain in Ireland

Straddled along the Limerick and Tipperary border, Galtymore is in the 20 highest mountains in Ireland.

Cnoc Mór na nGaibhlte is the highest peak of the Galty mountain range.

If you are up for a challenge, the annual Galtee Challenge hikes 31 kilometres across all the major peaks of the Galtee mountain range. A hike that roughly takes around 10-hours.

Barr Trí gCom (Baurtregaum)

851 metres (2,792 feet)

Location: County Kerry;52° 12′ 25.371” N – 9° 49′ 46.112” W
Walking Time: 4-6 hours
Mountain Range: Slieve Mish

Slieve Mish Mountain range

Barr Trí gCom is the central peak of the Slieve Mish Mountains.

Along the route, there are few false summits. But once you reach the top, you will be greeted with picture-perfect views over Derrymore Glen.

The Derrymore Glen Horseshoe is a popular route among climbers. The path takes between 4-6 hours and covers many of the peaks in the Slieve Mish Mountains.

Once at the top, why not tuck into a picnic and enjoy the views along the rugged Dingle peninsula?

Mullach Cliabháin (Mullaghcleevaun)

849 metres (2,785 feet)

Location: County Wicklow; 53° 6′ 13.06″ N, 6° 24′ 24.2″ W
Walking Time: 3-5 hours
Mountain Range: Wicklow Mountains

The Wicklow Mountains are ideal for a day out in nature with your friends.

Behind Log na CoilleMullach Cliabháin is the second highest peak in the Wicklow range. And according to the MountainViews Online Databaseit is the seventh tallest mountain in Ireland.

There are a few different paths that lead to the summit of Mullaghcleevan. However, many visitors follow the route from The Oasis car park in the forest below Carriagshouk.

Barr an Ghéaráin (Brandon Peak)

840 metres (2,760 feet)

Location: County Kerry; 52° 12′ 59.52″ N, 10° 14′ 11.29″ W
Walking Time: 6-8 hours
Mountain Range: Brandon Group

Brandon Peak ridge

On the way up to Cnoc Bréanainn, Barr an Ghéarain is another mighty peak in Ireland.

Barr an Ghéarain translates as top of the fang. The official height is 840 metres, and the prominence keeps it on the list of highest mountains in Ireland at 190 metres.

By following the walk along the Brandon Group ridge, you will experience most of the peaks along the way.

It is a highly regarded mountain range and offers some of the best views in Ireland.

An Mhangarta (Mangerton)

838 metres (2,749 feet)

Location: County Kerry; 51° 58′ 13.11″ N, 9° 29′ 3.82″ W
Walking Time: 4-6 hours
Mountain Range: Mangerton Mountain Group

Mangerton mountain looking over killarney national park

As the sixth mountain on this list in County KerryAn Mhangarta is the ninth-largest mountain in Ireland.

An Mhangarta is 832 metres high and is part of the Mangerton Mountain Group.

Mangerton falls into Killarney National Park and is famous for its lake, Devil’s Punchbowl.

Unlike most mountains, the summit is a boggy plateau that is challenging in poor weather.

Although the ascent to the top may not be as impressive as some of the other peaks on this list, you can still guarantee stunning views over the countryside in clear weather.

If you’re in the area, why not check out these things to do in Killarney.

Several peaks in MacGillycuddy’s do not feature in the list because a prominence is less than 100 metres. 

Preparing to Climb these Irish Mountains

Mountain climbing can be a rewarding activity.

The scenic views and the sense of achievement are perfect for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

But great care should be taken when climbing a mountain. There is a few simple tricks and tips to get you started.

Head over to the Mountaineering Ireland good practice guide if you want to find out more about hill walking best practices.

Some of the highlighted preparations are:

  • Prepare suitable equipment for the activity
  • Always travel with at least one other person
  • Make sure others who are not travelling with you are aware of where you are
  • Keep up to date with the latest weather forecast
  • Carry lots of water
  • Wear sun cream
  • Know your limits, be prepared to turn back if required

Climbing some of the highest mountains in Ireland can be extremely rewarding. The fresh air and picture-perfect views give you a dramatic view of the Irish countryside.

With so many of these mountains in Kerry, why not enjoy a trip to a cottage in County Kerry.

Get out, enjoy the scenery, and plan your trip to the tallest peaks in Ireland with Hogans Irish Cottages.